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SUN FLIGHTCRAFT, distributor of Airborne Australia, offers a range of two seated Microlights, from the basic X-Series Redback model to the fully optioned XT-912 with the Rotax 912 four stroke engine.

Whatever your preferences are, there is nothing to compare to the quality, comfort and handling of the Airborne trike range.

These Microlights make a great work horse and can be made aerotow capable. The trike base frame is built tough and tested to handle rough terrain. The wings have proven and tested load carrying capacity. The seating is comfortable allowing surprisingly adequate room between pilot and passenger.

Airborne's range of Microlights is quality built in accordance with Australian Civil Aviation Authority regulations, that's our guarantee!


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XT-912 Tourer XT-582 Tourer X-Series Classic
XT-912 Tundra XT-582 Tundra X-Series Redback
XT-912 Outback XT-582 Outback X-Series Outback


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